Slovakian Translations



A written translation recreates the content, tone, and style of a source language document in another language. Translated documents should read as if it was originally written in the target language.


This is a process whereby the text is being scanned for grammar, syntax and spelling errors. The meaning of words and terminology is irrelevant here, as the job focuses only on the correctness of the text.


Editing involves checking to make sure that correct terminology was used. It involves research - whether online or in specialized dictionaries - Usually, when working in Word, the track changes feature is used, and sometimes only comments are added through the commenting tool of Word. In either case, the editor only recommends changes and does not implement them.

Telephone Interpreting

Do you need to arrange a  business meeting or just settle few final steps before your exhibition? The interpreter translates orally what the speaker says over the phone. Telephone interpreting may be used in place of on-site interpreting.

Video-conference interpreting

You can be with your clients from the comfort of your own office. The interpreter translates orally what the speaker says via Skype thus helps you to have global meetings effortlessly.


German and English language (TEFL). Grammar, conversation, essay writing, listening, reading. One to one tuition or small groups. Online tutoring as well as onsite tutoring. 

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